"Globalmed was a godsend. It gave me confidence to take a decision and what matters to me the most. The process was too simple and easy. The team was accommodating and courteous throughout. Spend 20 minutes out of your day to get the best opinion. It doesn't cost and get the best care"


"I was in urgent need of help and found Globalmed Treatment Solutions; trusted source to seek medical second opinion. It brought immediate relief to my mind. I am now currently undergoing the advised treatment and am on my road to recovery. I believe I got the right diagnosis and the right treatment here and it was instrumental in easing my apprehension of the required treatment."


"I was recommended surgery for my breast cancer. My anxiety, doubt and anger about having it and why it happened to me was disturbing me a lot. What if I am misdiagnosed? The doubt was always in my mind". Globalmed sent me a detailed case analysis within 72 hours to recommend no surgery and it was not a tumor. I validated their consult with another specialist locally to my satisfaction."


"My local doctor back home recommended me knee replacement. She offered to seek Globalmed Treatment Solutions. To my surprise the outcome was totally different and their team, specialist gave me an opinion that I could never imagine back home. Pure quality and satisfaction. No knee replacement needed and just walk and some exercise with therapy."


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