All services offered by Globalmed are completely free of charge.

We are an international medical consultancy company. We have vast expertise in helping patients in solving their health problems abroad. Our mission is to help people to find the right health care service for their needs by giving them access to all information they need to make an informed decision. We suggest them the best and the most experienced doctors with the best treatment/operation costs. All of the clinics we list have been hand-picked based on our quality standards and hold respected national and international healthcare accreditations. We provide free of charge medical second-opinion to let them see the opinions of other doctors and give them approximative costs.

We come up with the right health institutions for your specific health problem. We only suggest hospitals which have the most specialized and experienced doctors and departments for that specific health problem. In addition you receive the lowest prices because of the partnerships we established with hospitals. We have negotiated special prices with them. It must also be mentioned that we only work with internationally accredited hospitals which have experience in serving international patients. All our services are free of charge.

Getting the right treatment depends on getting the right diagnosis. When someone’s health or life is at stake, it makes sense to take every precaution and to know as much as possible about treatment options. Getting a second opinion from a leading specialist gives you extra peace of mind by ensuring your diagnosis is validated. For more see this link.

You can get in touch with as many clinics as you like.

Records are held in the strictest confidence. We conform to all laws and regulations regarding patient confidentiality. We ensure that our employees and contractors assign great importance to the confidentiality of personal information following strict corporate guidelines in this regard. Please see our privacy policy for this subject.

Getting a second opinion for serious diagnoses is a reasonable and responsible thing to do. Your doctor should understand this.

Illnesses that require a multi-disciplinary approach (the collaboration of several medical disciplines) to arrive at the correct diagnosis and optimal treatment plan are designated as serious.

Prices differ depending on the specific procedure, but you can be all but guaranteed a significant saving by choosing Globalmed's help. On completion of our enquiry form, or once you have contacted us with your requirements, we will put together a medical second opinion with a comprehensive treatment price based on which you can make your final decision. We will also break down the costs of your requested add-ons for your consideration. All of the above information will be contained in a non-binding proposal that we will send to you based on your initial input. While exact prices for healthcare can only be determined after the initial consultation, in our experience the actual price rarely varies far from the standard price.

You will only have to pay for the treatment package once in hospital. Certain clinics may require a deposit for some procedures. All payments can be made easily with a credit card

None whatsoever. Globalmed is focused on providing the most transparent service possible, ensuring that you know exactly what you are putting in and getting out. Our non-binding proposal will outline as many of the exact costs involved as possible, and while some of these may vary (such as the exact prices of specific medical procedures needed), we do our best to ensure that our initial estimates of standard prices are as close to the real things as possible.

Getting in contact with us is easy. Fill out an online form, send us an email, or ask us to phone you. We will respond as soon as possible to answer any questions you may have and begin organising your medical travel immediately!

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